4 exceptional class patrons for our new students

Four patrons of exception in the Gastronomy, Pastry, Food service and Hospitality will follow up the new students at the Institut Paul Bocuse during their scholarship in Bachelor’s degree. They are the guides for each bachelor’s degree class. They will be present during key moments of the program, they will also give their thoughts on the pedagogical aspect of the program. An active class patron is a cornerstone of your school pedagogical culture, which places the human and the company at the centre.

Their speech during the welcoming week, warm and inspiring, have been accompanied by numerous tips, anecdotes and encouragements.

Jean Imbert, the plaza ahténée new face, patron of the bachelor’s degree in international culinary arts management 


Jean Imbert is the class patron selected to follow up the students in Bachelor’s degree in International Culinary Arts Management.  A class patron passioned by transmission with a career inspiring and unique. Chef Jean Imbert has been selected Chef of the year 2019 by GQ magazine and considered as one of the 50 most influential French person in the world by a Vanity Fair ranking. Jean Imbert is also graduated from the same Bachelor’s degree in 2001. 

Emblematic laureate of the TV-Show Top Chef in 2012, Jean Imbert is a Chef engaged in a healthy cuisine. His values are at the origins of his passion for this cuisine that he shares in his restaurants.  

His tips ?

« Live each moment at the fullest, be passionate, be curious of everything, do not hesitate to transgress established codes to open french cuisine to new spectrums and keep going without doubting. »

jean imbert parrain de promotion institut paul bocuse

Benoit Charvet, pastry executive Chef at the Restaurant l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges, patron of Bachelor’s degree in international pastry Management


For the first edition of the Bachelor’s degree in International Pastry Management, Benoit Charvet has been named class patron of the program : an exceptional class patron for those students.

In 2018, he wan the title of World Champion of iced desserts. Talented and technician peerless, Benoit Charvet find his inspiration in everything that he is surrounded by to create unique desserts that reinvent tradition. The future generation of pastry chefs are lucky to be followed up by this talented class patron.

Benoit charvet parrain de promo

Antoine Pétrus, elected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommelier” and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France Maître d’hôtel”, class patron of the bachelor’s degree in internaitonal food service management


Today, CEO of Maisons et Terroirs de Provence, Antoine Pétrus has worked in some of the most prestigious establishments in France and in Europe (Lasserre, Le Crillon, Paul Bocuse, Plaza Athénée, Le Clarence, Taillevent…), and has accepted with certitude his role of class patron for the food service program.

The prize list of this professional of 36 years-old is dazzling. He wan the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie in 2011 and the one of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Maître d’Hôtel et Arts de la Table in 2018.

He welcomed the students and future managers and entrepreneurs in the food service industry of a speech full of humour and goodwill.

« I won’t be away. The relation I am expected with you is the one of a Ariadne’s thread. Nothing is differenciated me from you, I am like you, someone who learn. Act like a sponge, be permeable, feed yourself of everything, work in the echo instead of the ego. »

Antoine pretus parrain de promo

Stéphane Sonnet, head of operations at Accor in Rhône-Alpes, class patron of the bachelor’s degree in international hospitality management

Stéphane Sonnet have an impressive professional background, in France and abroad, and he is still building his career in the Accor Hotel Group as Head of Operations in Rhône-Alpes. 

He has accepted the role of class patron for the hospitality program as an evidence. The Institut Paul Bocuse represents for him the perfect example of a successful induction in the hospitality and food service industries. 

He is taking a good care of his class patron role in the follow-up and the professional development of the students, future managers. 

« I will put all my energy and the most time possible in sharing my experiences, in France and abroad, and in following up the students.»

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