A new campus designed
to offer a rich
learning experience

On the back of these success stories and its 30-year long reputation, Institut Paul Bocuse is embarking upon a new phase of development to reinvent an educational space that takes into account technological and societal evolutions, and offers its students a unique environment where they can live, work and study differently.

3 centres of excellence supporting the industry professions, creativity and entrepreneurship: 

On October 8th, for the inauguration of the Institut Paul Bocuse extension project, the first stone or rather the first tree, a Ginkgo Biloba, symbol of hope and longevity was planted at the Château de la Roseraie with the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional council as well as Lyon city and metropolitan area authorities.

More than a real estate project, this new campus aims to be entirely focused on students so that future generations can experience a journey of excellence.

Three new poles will see the light of day: a centre dedicated to the hospitality and food service management with the renovation of the Château de la Roseraie, but also a Culinary Arts centre thanks to the educational development of the Château du Vivier and finally a new space dedicated to research and innovation to further anchor creativity at Institut Paul Bocuse. This extension will enable the creation of 22 additional classrooms, a 250-seat amphitheatre, 17 cutting edge cookery-pastry, chocolate and bakery laboratories as well as an incubator and co-working spaces open to entrepreneurs.

The aim is simple, double the capacity of our school and become the world reference in hospitality, food service and culinary arts management.

An eco-friendly campus for a remarkable student experience

This project symbolises Institut Paul Bocuse’s approach to environmental protection and sustainability.  In order to offer a remarkable quality of student life on a certified eco-friendly campus, multiple green and tree spaces will be created, a section of roof areas covered with vegetation and the energy efficiency performance of the buildings optimized. Additionally, Institut Paul Bocuse will invest in your quality experience by offering spaces dedicated to student life, and encouraging their involvement in clubs and societies.  

Thanks to this additional 8,000 square meters’ extension and with the support of the G&G Pélisson Foundation, the Institut Paul Bocuse continues to develop and expand internationally.