Graduate insight with Tara Khattar

The careers of our graduates are as rich as they are varied, both in France and internationally. We went to New York, to meet Tara Khattar, a 2013 graduate of our Bachelor in International Management of Culinary Arts and today a chef consultant and author of bestselling cookbooks.




Tara Khattar, Lebanese by origin, decided from a very young age she would dedicate her life to cooking and her irresistible passion for working in luxury events and culinary arts. To do this, she chose to join our Bachelor in International Management of Culinary Arts after high school and it was during her studies at the Institut Paul Bocuse that she discovered the importance and power of the network in clinching the best career opportunities. Opportunities that led her to move to New York to follow her most ambitious professional goals!


“New York is the city where everything is possible, where you can’t even count the number of opportunities that are available to you, there are so many! I really wanted to live in this city and see where it could take me in my career.”


Class of 2013, Tara is now an accomplished professional. As a chef consultant in the United States and around the world, she is commissioned by leading brands and a host of chefs to work on events of all types, from the most luxurious to the most original, as well as on recipe development and concept creation.

At just 27 years of age, Tara realised the dream that she had been secretly harbouring from her time in the training kitchens of the Institut Paul Bocuse, with the publication of her own cookbook. With a second opus in the works, Tara was able to express all her creativity in her book entitled “Lebanon, a story of family cooking, love and sharing”. A tribute to her country of origin and to the culinary heritage that her grandmothers bequeathed to her through 100 recipes, each more delicious and authentic than the last.


“When I was at the Institut Paul Bocuse, I wanted to write a book. I wasn’t even 21 so the publisher told me to come back later. I came back later, at the age of 27, when I had achieved all my other dreams! I learned a lot during my studies at the Institut Paul Bocuse, I got a lot of support in my projects. It is very important to believe in yourself.”