Institut Paul Bocuse goes digital to provide continuity of educational provision to all its students

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, support staff and academic team members at Institut Paul Bocuse successfully worked together in record time to move teaching online for all Bachelor and Master’s courses, enabling our 900 students to follow their programme of study remotely as of 23 March 2020.

A new teaching and learning approach

In order to ensure the continuity of the School’s main missions, and also to maintain a link with our students, teaching and learning has been moved 100% online:

  • Thanks to its range of functions, Zoom software has been successfully used to deliver online classes. A further major benefit for students is that these sessions can be recorded, enabling them to be posted for later viewing.
  • Our training chefs and our professors have adapted the content and format of their teaching to the current situation. More than thirty video tutorials on culinary techniques have been posted online, enabling our students to revise their basics or prepare for their future programmes of study. SPOOCs that already existed for certain subjects, such as wine waiting, have been made more widely available.
  • Conferences with leading chefs and personalities from the hospitality industry have been organised each week (César Troisgros, Serge Vieira, etc.), allowing students to discover their professional background and benefit from their anecdotes and invaluable advice.
  • Our Talent Managers have also developed online CV and job interview workshops to offer our students the professional and careers support they require.

The teaching timetable has been completely revised to adapt to the needs of both our French and overseas students.

Maintaining a social link

To maintain a lasting and convivial link with our students during the lockdown period, we have launched a variety of regular culinary, pastry or table decoration challenges, with at stake a meal offered in one of our training restaurants. This has given students the opportunity to demonstrate their creative streak and their taste for challenge, which are both key values of the School.

Culinary challengeArt of the table challenge

Institut Paul Bocuse remains more than ever committed to supporting its students and answering their concerns.

The Campus team has launched a unique ‘Feelgood’ plan of action, which aims to break anxiety and feelings of loneliness by offering students entertaining and enlightening newsletters, opportunities to talk about and share feelings, Yoga and sports classes via YouTube, consultations with a psychologist paid for by the School and increased administrative support for international students.

This broad range of initiatives will strengthen the links between the members of the Institut Paul Bocuse community and continue to improve our digital teaching and learning approaches.