Institut Paul Bocuse has become the 100th member of L’Entreprise des Possibles

On Monday 6 December, Institut Paul Bocuse became the 100th member of L’Entreprise des Possibles.  This group of businesses in the Lyon metropolitan area works together to pool human, financial and material resources for the benefit of social welfare and housing associations working on the ground for the homeless.

Meaningful community engagement

Concerned by the work L’Entreprise des Possibles achieves, and in keeping with its long-standing commitment to associations working to combat poverty, Institut Paul Bocuse has decided to embrace the initiative by joining its network.

Generosity and altruism have been at the heart of the school’s values since its creation in 1990. The COVID-19 health context has more than ever highlighted the solidarity existing between students and employees and the need for them to give meaning to their efforts towards a more inclusive society.

The partnership is consistent with Institut Paul Bocuse’s educational project and its mission to train future decision-makers, who are responsible and actively engaged in the hospitality, food service and culinary arts professions, by promoting innovation and solidarity.

It also illustrates the school’s determination to strengthen its community engagement by participating in the interaction between the business world, the local charity network and institutional actors through tangible initiatives in favour of the most underprivileged.

Engagement from the whole Institut Paul Bocuse community

 Under this agreement, employees will have the opportunity to become involved in L’Entreprise des Possibles by volunteering their skills or by donating their paid leave.

Students from Institut Paul Bocuse will gradually be involved in the solidarity scheme, and will also be able to get involved in missions proposed by L’Entreprise des Possibles for the benefit of vulnerable individuals, following on from the existing initiatives undertaken by the student humanitarian society ‘Traits d’Union’. From 2022 onwards, a compulsory solidarity week will be integrated into their curriculum for the benefit of a charity organisation.


About l’Entreprise des Possibles:

Created at the end of January 2019 on the initiative of Alain Mérieux, l’Entreprise des Possibles is a group of businesses working together to help the homeless in the Lyon metropolitan area.  L’Entreprise des Possibles is a particularly innovative model of community engagement. It aims to mobilise human, financial and real estate resources from businesses and their employees for the benefit of associations working in the field to care for the homeless. Its expansion model relies on the principle of businesses contributing to the involvement of their employees. Today, the group has 100 corporate members mobilising more than 55,000 employees. Since its creation, L’Entreprise des Possibles has helped 3,000 people, providing shelter for 1,250 of them, thanks to the extraordinary dedication of its 31 partner associations.