Alliance by Institut Paul BocuseAlliance by Institut Paul Bocuse is a unique leading global network of excellence in higher education gathering 22 partner schools and universities across 4 continents. Its goal is to promote and develop the professions in hospitality, food service and culinary arts management while keeping the cross-educational experience as a fundamental pillar.

Founded in 2004 by Institut Paul Bocuse, the Alliance has become a truly international hub of expertise in hospitality management, food service and culinary arts education, today in 18 countries: Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and United States of America.


The development of the network multiplies opportunities and offers a wide range of possibilities in term of know-hows, knowledge, networking and pedagogical development.

Our members share exactly the same objectives and mindset, working together to:

  • Uphold our gastronomic legacies, whilst encouraging teaching innovation and promoting the cultural diversity of each other’s countries via a transcultural approach to education. 
  • Successfully rise up to the challenges faced by the international tourism industry in the future, driven by our core values and a common approach based on respect, mutual confidence, commitment and sharing.

Our history

I am extremely proud of the work achieved through the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse. We have succeeded in bringing together schools determined to promote culinary know-how and who are open to other cultures. The Alliance is the symbol of professionalism, commitment and friendship. 
PAUL BOCUSE, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, 3-star Michelin chef since 1965 – named ‘Chef of the Century’ in 2011 by the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

The spirit and philosophy of the Alliance member schools has made our network into the benchmark for excellence in culinary and hospitality management education.
GERARD PELISSON, President of Institut Paul Bocuse since 1998 and co-founder of Groupe Accor


  • We’ll offer you remarkable opportunities to network and you will have access to a richness of cultures, as well as many and varied innovative pedagogical methods and techniques innovations thanks to our teacher exchange programme, culinary seminars and yearly events.
  • You’ll become an active member of the Alliance Committee, meeting every 2 years with your fellow institution directors to draw up the strategy and fix the network’s objectives.
  • Offer your students the opportunity to take a 14-week long bespoke training course at Institut Paul Bocuse, equipping them with the full range of culinary knowledge and techniques for which French gastronomy is so famous worldwide.
  • Give them the chance of a lifetime to rub shoulders with some of the best chefs and industry experts in practice today, within a multicultural environement. In addition to their knowledge, this openness and understanding of the real-world enables them to meet the hospitality industry expectations.


Each year, this 14-week long innovative summer training course brings together our partner institutions’ best students on the Ecully campus, near Lyons. 

The programme will give your students the opportunity to:

  • Improve their culinary skills and techniques.
  • Acquire new culinary knowledge and techniques to develop their French gastronomy skill set. 
  • Share a truly international experience based on the reality of the profession through cooking competitions.
  • Share their own specific food cultures and habits.

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