Wine and Beverage


The specialisation in International Wine and Beverage Management will give you a 360-degree vision of the wine and beverage sector, exploring themes such as production, distribution, sales and service.

Qualification: Bachelor (Hons.) State Certified Level II Qualification, registered with the National Repertoire of Professional Certifications (RNCP)
Length: 7 months full-time
Languages of instruction: French/English
Start date: January 2020 
Entry requirements: We welcome applications from anyone who has completed a degree under conditions*
Careers: Export manager, Beverage manager, International consultant, Brand ambassador, Concept bar owner-manager

* This specialisation is open, under certain conditions, to candidates who have completed a 3 year degree (or international equivalent) in the area of Hotel & Restaurant Management.

Training tomorrow’s managers and supporting the mutations of the sector

Wine and beverages is an exciting and dynamic area to be working in, with producers and manufacturers continually bringing new ideas to market.  From major international brands to regional or craft productions, the sector is also becoming increasingly diverse.

Our International Wine and Beverage Management specialisation aims to provide you with two distinct sets of skills focusing on the product and on the economic, commercial and marketing dimensions of the sector. It will allow you to acquire a deep understanding of the cultural dimension of markets and also develop a wide knowledge base of the industry.

Course overview

Oenology, mixology, coffeology… develop your expertise

From production through to service, the International Wine and Beverage Management specialization offers a 360-degree vision of the profession. In addition, we will give you excellent practical and theoretical training for managing points of sale.

Course features*

*Given only as examples

  • Tasting techniques and language of wine
  • Spirits: production methods and product ranges
  • Negotiation, sales and distribution
  • Marketing: strategy, positioning, merchandising
  • Cost management, purchasing and procurement
  • Operational point of sale management

Optional work placement at the end of the course

Why choose us?

We’ll help you stay one step ahead!

  • Explore the Wine & Beverage universe with the leading experts you meet at workshops, conferences, tasting events, in what is considered to be a key region for the world of wine.
  • We will give you amazing opportunities to practice your skills in a unique training environment, including: 1 training bar, 1 cellar, 1 tea laboratory, 1 coffee studio
  • You will be able to discover new and promising sectors, such as: mixology, beerology, coffeeology, and the art of tea
  • Build yourself a solid, inspirational and international future: 80% of our graduates’ first jobs are as managers. Nearly 70% begin their career overseas.

Upon completion of this course, you will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree (Hons.) in International Hotel & Restaurant Management (International Wine and Beverage Management specialisation) and the Professional Certificate in International Hotel and Restaurant Management, registered with the National Repertoire of Professional Certifications (RNCP) at level II (Bachelor).

What can I do next?

You are going to be surprised by your own future

What are the opportunities for further study?

5-year postgraduate studies in International Hospitality Management

Careers and opportunities

Perhaps your dream job is

  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Beverage Manager
  • Wine and spirit merchant
  • Production or distribution unit manager
  • Brand Ambassador

Or even …

  • International consultant
  • Export manager
  • Concept bar owner

Admissions, conditions and fees

  • Start date: January 2020

Admission requirements

  • Academic achievements
  • Selection Day: tests (4 different computer-based exams) and individual interview

The choice of a 4th year specialisation is compulsory for our Bachelors in Food service and Hospitality.