Lifestyle Hospitality Management specialisation


The Lifestyle Hospitality Management specialisation offers you the opportunity to discover the new trends and technologies that are transforming the hospitality sector, equipping you with the know-how and inspiration to create inimitable customer experiences.

Degree approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Industry

Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (4-year) registered and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Industry*.

*Publication in the Official Journal on 29 August 2019


Qualification: Bachelor (Hons.) State Certified Level II Qualification
Length: 7 months full-time (60 ECTS)
Languages of instruction: French/English
Start date: January 2023 
Entry requirements: We welcome applications from anyone who has completed a 3-year higher education degree or equivalent
Careers: Boutique-hotel manager, Business developer, Hotel concept creator, Marketing manager, Trends hunter

Reinvent the hotel experience

The hotel and restaurant industry is entering an unprecedented era of instant change and personalised customer experience, where digital design and innovation are ubiquitous. New forms of competition are emerging, pushing the more traditional actors in the hotel industry to adapt, which is opening up a myriad of new career opportunities.

As a lifestyle hospitality management specialist, you’ll be perfectly equipped to manage and create new products or services to help you provide a better-quality customer experience that is both personalised and seamless.

Course overview

Experiential living spaces – more than just hotels or restaurants

This unique specialisation will enhance your vision of lifestyle hospitality services, offering you an insight into the strategic dimensions of the business by further developing your knowledge and skills in brand management, concept creation, trend analysis, design and new technologies.

We’ll give you plenty of opportunities to experience a wide range of sectors within the industry, such as eco-responsible hotels, wellness tourism, or hospitality services targeting the millenials.

Course features*

*Given only as examples

  • New tourist trends and models
  • Strategic management
  • Digital transformation of the hospitality sector
  • Sensorial perspectives and service design
  • Interior architecture and design
  • Collaborative economy and co-creation

Optional work placement at the end of the course

Why choose us?

Together we’ll push back the frontiers of imagination

  • Be part of a unique learning experience: we are the only school to offer a specialisation specifically focused on this particular sector.
  • We’ll give you the opportunity to interact and work with the top names in the industry during 2 applied creative project.
  • Get involved now in a promising lifestyle hospitality sector inspired by major societal trends.
  • Become a game-changer by offering innovative new approaches to customer relations and customer experience.
  • Build yourself an inspirational and international future: 70% of our graduates start their career overseas working in 80 countries. 33% choose an entrepreneurial career within 5 years.

What can I do next?

You’re going to be surprised by your own future

What are the opportunities for further study?

5-year postgraduate studies in International Hospitality Management

Careers and opportunities

Perhaps your dream job is

  • Boutique-hotel manager
  • Lifestyle Brand Manager
  • Trends Hunter
  • Business developer
  • Creator of hotel concepts

Or even…

  • Marketing manager
  • Guest experience manager
  • Consultant

Admissions and conditions

  • Start date: January 2023

Admission requirements

Our 4th year specialisations are open to holders of a Bachelor’s degree.
Selection based on academic achievements

Depending on your level, a refresher course may be offered from September to December.
Selection test in English: text analysis, individual interview and reasoning test

The choice of a 4th year specialisation is compulsory for our Bachelors in Food service and Hospitality.