Revenue Strategies in Hospitality and Food Service specialisation


The Revenue Strategies in Hospitality and Food Service specialisation will equip you with the skills to become an expert in pricing techniques and revenue management for all categories of hotels and restaurants.

Degree approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Industry

Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (4-year) registered and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation and Industry*.

*Publication in the Official Journal on 29 August 2019


Qualification: Bachelor (Hons.) State Certified Level II Qualification
Length: 7 months full-time (60 ECTS)
Languages of instruction: French/English
Start date: January 2023  
Entry requirements: We welcome applications from anyone who has completed a 3-year higher education degree or equivalent
Careers: Revenue manager, E-distribution manager, Corporate operation manager, Digital & CRM manager, General manager of a central reservations’ office

Maximising profit in the digital era

The hotel industry is renowned for being highly competitive, which requires expert skills in order to understand the complexities of electronic distribution channels in the selling, loyalty and profit-maximising processes.  

This specialisation will provide you with an expert understanding of the essential tools and methods you will use to improve the revenue and profitability of your future business organization.

Course overview

Understanding customer perceptions and choices

Our specialisation covers a combination of traditional areas in marketing and revenue management as well as the use of new digital tools.

You will explore the full range of hotels and restaurants as well as various types of distribution channels.  You will also learn how to design a pricing strategy and put into place effective profit-maximising methods.

Course features*

*Given only as examples

  • Strategic management
  • Revenue management
  • Marketing mix, web marketing, social media management
  • Physical and digital distribution channels
  • Planning tools and methods
  • New tourism industry models

Optional work placement at the end of the course

Why choose us?

You are going to be surprised by your own future

  • Open up new career opportunities – revenue management professions are becoming widespread in the hospitality sector and increasingly popular in the fields of catering, leisure and transport.
  • With 68 different nationalities on campus, you will develop your ability to work in culturally diverse work environments.
  • Small class sizes mean you will benefit from personalised support and supervision from our academic staff.
  • Build yourself a solid, inspirational and international future: 80% of our graduates’ first jobs are as managers. Nearly 70% begin their career overseas.

What can I do next?

You are going to be surprised by your own future

What are the opportunities for further study?

5-year postgraduate studies in International Hospitality Management

Careers and opportunities

Perhaps your dream job is

  • Revenue manager
  • E-distribution manager
  • Online networks manager
  • Lean manager
  • Corporate operation manager

Or even…

  • Digital & CRM manager
  • Social Media Analyst
  • General Manager of a central reservations’ office

Admissions and conditions

  • Start date: January 2023

Admission requirements

Our 4th year specialisations are open to holders of a Bachelor’s degree.
Selection based on academic achievements

Depending on your level, a refresher course may be offered from September to December.
Selection test in English: text analysis, individual interview and reasoning test

The choice of a 4th year specialisation is compulsory for our Bachelors in Food service and Hospitality.