Nutrition and diet care
at the heart of activities at
Institut Paul Bocuse

Nutrition and diet care figure prominently in the hospitality, foodservice and culinary arts sectors. To offer our students a deeper insight into health issues linked to nutrition, Institut Paul Bocuse has developed a series of special newsletters, as well as free remote consultations put in place at the beginning of the lockdown period.

Stay FIT

In addition to the nutrition, healthy-living and well-being classes that are essential components of their programme of study, students at Institut Paul Bocuse are accompanied by two nutritionists and dieticians who help them with various subjects such as, food waste, the use of high-fat products or how to improve everyday eating habits.

A remote support structure has also been set up for both French and overseas students ever since the beginning of the lockdown period:

In weekly newsletters sent to students, our two food and healthcare professionals offer them eating and well-being advice, simple, varied and balanced menus for the week along with the relevant shopping list, easy yet tasty recipe suggestions using seasonal fruit and vegetables, and finally advice on how to practice regular physical activity.

In addition, students can benefit from free consultations with one of our nutritionists. The objective of these sessions is to shed light on dietary aspects that students know little about, but also to look into their eating habits, their relationship with food, their living environment and their objectives.

A range of advice and tips to help our students adopt the famous saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body”!