Our Food Service Management students create their own pop-up bistro concept

Our 1st year International Food Service Management Bachelor’s degree students are now back at the Institute.  As part of their programme, they have been plunged into a real-world situation for a fortnight, during which they have been asked to come up with a pop-up bistro concept, in compliance with the current health measures. From the creation of the concept to writing the menu, from the cuisine to the food service and the decoration of the restaurant, they have been in charge of setting up their own first bistro from A to Z, under the name “Bistrot aux beaux jours” (Fine Weather Bistro).

POP-UP: an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit

The POP-UP project is integrated into the first year of the curriculum on the International Food Service Management programme.  This collaborative project involves the creation and management of a real pop-up restaurant on an imposed theme.  Taking into account the current health context, the format of this project has been adapted to take into account the regulations in force, while retaining its primary vocation of developing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our students.

This management project organised in small teams enables students to understand the main drivers and challenges specific to the operation of a food service business.

Our students first of all manage the marketing aspect, which involves identifying the characteristics of a bistro (offer, products, price, style of service, atmosphere, etc.) and carrying out satisfaction surveys among their target public in order to build an original and compelling food service offer.

Students approach the operational aspect by writing a full food and drinks menu as well as by managing the food preparation, room and table decoration, and food service in a pop-up restaurant dining room.

They are also required to arrange the supply of products and to ensure that health and safety measures are followed, including enforcing health protocols related to Covid-19.

Finally, they are in charge of the management and human resources of their restaurant: organising resources and duties, drawing up an activity forecast, managing the follow-up of operations, optimising costs…

Pop-up bistro concept

Pop-up bistro concept

Pop-up bistro concept

At Institut Paul Bocuse, our students always give their all!

Challenge accepted by our “Fine weather Bistro” team, who succeeded in delivering a true bistronomic experience to the students and employees who were fortunate enough to play the role of customers.  This project called upon both the managerial and operational skills of our students, who also had to demonstrate a high level of adaptability.

Thanks to Institut Paul Bocuse’s signature experiential learning approach, our students gradually adopt a managerial stance that enables them to be efficient and effective from the moment they enter the workforce, demonstrating team spirit, leadership, communication, analysis and decision-making skills.