Our Master students create an edible take away culinary concept

Technology and scientific progress have expanded the barriers of what seems possible in a lot of industries, and have also enriched the culinary know-how. Today, by discovering a new food cutting technology by waterjet, the students in Master’s degree in Culinary Leadership and Innovation have been challenged on creating take-away culinary concepts in which the container and the content have to be edible. 

technological Innovation and sustainability serving pedagogical purposes 

The objectives of this Master pedagogical and innovative project are numerous : 

  • Discover and get familiar with an innovative technological process : the ChefCut machine that our students have been able to cut food with a waterjet cutting machine, ChefCut,
  • Include edible containers into the culinary process to create several dishes and food preparations 
  • Create a new, innovative, useful and playful consumer’s experience
  • Integrate a sustainable solution in their concept to reduce rubbish and waste in the food service industry : a society matter in accordance with our pedagogical philosophy aiming at training responsible decision-makers with a vision of the future

Several teams of students have let their creativity speak by developing and presenting their projects to a jury composed of chef, teachers and professors with experiences on the food service industry and professionals from Hydroprocess. 



Student in Master came up with creative concepts such as Sushi Cruise. Built by 4 students, Tala Chaker, Abhiroop Dasguta, Patrick Denison et Muzi Feng, Sushi Cruise is a take-away sushi bar.

During their hunt for a sustainable container, they have faced different challenges : How to keep the texture ? How to create a shape ? How to not distort the colour ? How to make it durable ? To answer all those questions, strong reflection and adaptability have been key elements. 

As a group, they came up with a boat using sesame tuile to serve the sushis in the inside.  Because the customer experience is not limited to the products, they have gone deeper in the concept by working on 

  • Costing strategy for the content and the container and the productivity gains
  • Location for the sushi bar, where to be based and why
  • Target customers and personae to understand purchasing and consumption habits 
  • Marketing strategy

The Culinary Leadership & Innovation course will provide you with a strategic and avant-gardist vision of the culinary arts and food service industry in France and internationally.