Our students in Master’s degree bring together their skills and create ephemeral restaurants

Create a restaurant from scratch economically viable and profitable on the long term to attract investors, that was the challenge proposed to our students in Master’s degree in Culinary Leadership and Innovation working alongside with the students in MSc in International Hospitality Management. That project is called « Concept Design and Development» and is a project 100% entrepreneur.

CREate a concept of restaurant, run it and make it profitable

The students have been split in teams and work as real companies ready to launch their restaurants : 15 teams for 15 restaurants. 

Beyond having to come up as a group with a concept, the menu and the atmosphere, each person has a role well-defined. To make the restaurant a success on all points, we can find a team leader, leader in communication, finance, culinary, human resources, … 

The project has been divided in 3 main parts. The first one is about giving life to the concept by coming up with a name, a description, market studies, creating a menu and writing a business plan. 

On the second part, the students have to run the restaurant. Each team has to set up the restaurant and serve clients during 2 days : insuring the service in the restaurant (or click&collect), quality of the menu, pricing strategy, customers’ satisfaction and communication supports. 

Last but not least, the last part is about insuring the best customer experience with a flawless professionalism and exquisite interpersonal relations with all the persons implied in the projects : management teams, sponsors and the client. 

Experimenting to learn 

A project working on multiples skills and in accordance with our pedagogical philosophy based on experiences. The project allowed students to work on several soft skills like the team spirit, creativity, adaptation, decision-making and empathy. Students were also working in an international environment as  teams were composed with international students from the different Masters. 

Concept with completely different atmospheres have been created. Like the concept “Mon beau donut”, a restaurant using the “donut” symbol of the american pastry and turning it French cuisine with salty and sweet version. A concept bring some gastronomy in this “fast-food” standard 

Other concepts have been created like “Lima”, a restaurant inspired by Peruvian cuisine and culture in the atmosphere, the cocktail recipes. Also concepts like a sushi bar or concept based on conviviality with a one-table restaurant have been created. 

Find out some concepts on the following pictures : 


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