4 complementary areas of expertise to ensure the success of your project

Institut Paul Bocuse is equipped with the expertise to support the management of your project either in France or overseas, from the design stage through to marketing, impact assessment and the training of your teams.

Our process stands out thanks to the ability of our experts to ensure personalised supervision and an ongoing support structure for your project based on a partnership approach.

4 interdependent areas of activity

Audits & Consultancy

From needs analysis to efficiency

Our audits focus on issues related to organisation, processes and the way products, services or ideas are generated. 

A team of auditors from Institut Paul Bocuse are assigned to your project to carry out an expert appraisal that will help them search for solutions in the most effective way possible. Thanks to their objective analysis of the situation, their ability to listen and their technical knowledge, the team will identify your strengths and weaknesses in a written report designed to facilitate the final decision-making process.


  • Internal and external quality assurance
  • Repositioning of a product or service offer
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Technical and training design
  • Organisational performance studies

Skills Development

Developing the skills of your workforce

In addition to the courses we teach our full-time students, Institut Paul Bocuse also offers bespoke skills development modules for industry professionals.

Our expert trainers are able to identify and understand the issues facing professionals from a wide range of jobs in the hospitality, foodservice, culinary arts, agri-food and catering sectors.

We work with you to develop the skills of each member of your workforce through bespoke solutions, or via our catalogue of courses. We will stimulate their creativity and their motivation by redefining their role and offering them a new vision of their profession.


Concept Creation

From generating insight to creating innovative new concepts

We have integrated the concepts of innovation and development into our range of courses at Institut Paul Bocuse, acquiring over time a strong reputation for the work we do with professionals who are looking to innovate. If you’re in this position, we’re able to support your initiative by creating new concepts that will meet your specifications as well as your operational and organisational constraints.


  • Creativity workshops, design thinking
  • Innovating with recipes and ingredients, review and renewal of food product ranges and menus
  • Restaurant and accommodation concepts: conceptualization, layout, atmosphere, service and foodservice offer …
  • Prototype testing, areas of improvement and justification

Market Studies and Testing

Consumer behaviour studies and product testing to support decision-making

Thanks to the range of expertise available at Institut Paul Bocuse, in terms of market studies and testing we are able to meet the demands of companies wishing to create a new product or service and test a concept or a protype prior to launch onto the market.


  • In situ assessment: reactions to a concept or to a prototype
  • Exploratory studies: observation of eating behaviour and preferences in our Experimental Restaurant to help understand how a product or service is used (6 live cameras)
  • Business intelligence: review of published scientific, economic or societal data
  • Collection of information on global food habits via our FLOW software application (Food Lifestyle Observatory Worldwide)