Salon du Chocolat:
gourmet break for the Institut Paul Bocuse

For 3 days, the teams and students of the Institut Paul Bocuse had the pleasure to lead workshops and demonstrations for the 9th edition of the Salon du Chocolat at the Lyon Congress Center.

Jaonnic Taton, one of our pastry chefs, and Frédéric Alzra, a fashion designer from Lyon, combined their creativity and know-how to create the famous white chocolate wedding dress presented at the opening show.

Alongside the teams of the Ecole de Cuisine Gourmets and supervised by our chefs trainers, bachelor students in Culinary Arts Management, have been actors of this event by proposing several animations and master-class to the countless chocolate lovers present for the occasion. 

They shared their passion with as many people as possible, and revealed the secrets of their profession by highlighting the gestures and techniques used to work and appreciate chocolate as it should be.

Thanks to the many professional situations, students of Institut Paul Bocuse punctuate their learning in an inspiring stetting by putting their creativity and team spirit into practice.