SIRHA 2019:
Paul Bocuse
at the heart of
the latest industry trends

Students from Institut Paul Bocuse were at the heart of the action during the SIRHA world hospitality and food service event 2019, which took place in Lyons from 26 to 30 January.

Institut Paul Bocuse is one of the world’s leading educational institutions in the fields of hospitality management, food service management and the culinary arts. It is the only European education group to have invested in its own multi-disciplinary research centre. The Centre for Food & Hospitality Research is a hub of innovation, where industry professionals and research scientists work together, applying their knowledge and know-how to anticipate future trends and to satisfy the expectations of a rapidly changing market.

We have a unique association with SIRHA – the World Hospitality and Food Service Event -, which gives us exclusive opportunities to share the latest innovations in the hospitality sector with industry experts from across the globe.

Our students played once again an active role at SIRHA, and the 2019 event was an extraordinary opportunity for them to showcase their talent and rub shoulders with the very best.

6ème Sens by SIRHA

Creating a gastronomic experience inspired by the latest food service trends

In collaboration with SIRHA and the architect Franck Boguenet, students at Institut Paul Bocuse have designed 3 pop-up restaurants offering visitors an immersive experience into the latest food service trends.

The design, menu and atmosphere of the restaurants have been imagined around an unusual concept, promising visitors an original eating experience. Offering opportunities to discover the latest innovations in table decoration and dining room design, 6ème Sens is also an amazing source of inspiration for visitors.

The restaurant concepts:

  • “Ressources” is a restaurant concept designed to satisfy the new concerns of consumers who actively seek out local, seasonal produce and who care about what they are actually eating. The concept focuses on locavorism and food traceability.
  • “Bol d’Air” combines globalisation and food. The concept takes visitors’ senses on a culinary journey that places the emphasis on the flavours of the African continent.
  • “Poésie” is a lounge restaurant concept designed to achieve a dreamlike, refined and festive environment where the emphasis is put on creating a feeling of wellbeing in the restaurant and on visitors’ plates.

Supervised by the teaching staff at Institut Paul Bocuse, 75 hospitality, food service and culinary arts management students have worked together to design the innovative restaurant concepts they ran throughout the 5 days of the event.


Participating in exceptional events that inspire industry professionals from across the globe

Our students played also a key role preparing and serving food during the major events at SIRHA 2019, including: the Bocuse d’Or Final, the Pâtisserie World Cup, the Maître d’Hôtel Trophy, the Grand Chef’s Dinner, the Bocuse d’Or Gala Dinner …

We celebrated also the work of Xavier Gonet, an Institut Paul Bocuse alumnus, who now educates our future maîtres d’hôtel at the Institute. He won the 4th place of the prestigious Maître d’Hôtel Trophy.

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