Start of the school year 2021 : The Familly Institut Paul Bocuse welcomes new members

Known as « Feel good days », the induction week has welcomed 300 1-year students from 49 nationalities in the in Bachelor’s in International Management in culinary arts, in pastry, in hospitality and in food service. 300 new members in the family Institut Paul Bocuse who experienced an induction week to start their program by discovering other students, the school and its values.

FEEL GOOD DAYS, an unforgettable event at the institut paul bocuse 

creating bonds and discovering the world after high school


The induction week is an important moment for those new students, away from their parents, and for whom the transition from high school to the Institut Paul Bocuse can be scary. 

Symbolic step in their scholarship, the induction week is their first contact with the campus, the pedagogical teams, the classes’ patrons and mainly with their classmates. 

The induction week is drafted by the FeelGood Campus team and is built around recreational and unifying activities highlighting conviviality, sharing and helping each other. 

On the program we found activities like Campus olympics to discover the campus and have fun around sport activities, a white party to break the ice, a “banquet bocusien” to share or a treasure hunt in Lyon, a new city for most of the students. 

Creating cohesion between classes develops a feeling of affiliations; That is why 2nd-year and 3rd year students were guiding and supervising 1st-year students during the different activities. As an example, 2nd-year and 3rd-year students have cooked and served entirely the different meal during the “banquet bocusien”, a magical moment of sharing with their classmates, the pedagogical teams, the graduates and professionals. 

From their first steps, the new students are integrated in the graduated network, present in their induction week by welcoming them in their restaurants during the treasure hunt.


Being part of the Institut Paul Bocuse means entering a family of 3,000 persons in 80 countries. It also means becoming an ambassador of the values of the school as Dominique Giraudier, CEO, during the welcoming conference :

« We believe in you! Our teams are engaged by your side on your way to professional and human accomplishments in order for you to reveal your talents. Your success depends on your personal engagement, your ability to adapt, to take risks.

Never stop trying, in the respect of our values : Courage, work, generosity and empathy, the respect of yourself and the respect of the others, audacity and entrepreneurship ».

Learn more about the Institut Paul Bocuse spirit everywhere you are by joining each month during our Open Doors 100% digital. 

JE M’inscris