Learning for life – where passion rhymes with emotion

We’ll ensure you make the most of every second of your life as a student, creating memorable “made in Institut Paul Bocuse” experiences.


Various student events are organized by our Feel Good Campus team throughout the year:

  • A freshers’ welcome week to help you get to know your surroundings as well as your new classmates and build a strong sense of community.  You’ll take part in team building activities, a city rally to discover Lyon and we’ll invite you to the Bocuse banquet …
  • A never to be forgotten graduation ceremony.  A moving, solemn and artistic evening  that will remain forever engraved in your memory.
  • Culinary competitions, such as Les éthiques Toques, a challenge where competitors use only eco-responsible recipes.
  • Sports competitions organised with the other member institutions of the Lyon-ouest campus, including  emlyon business schoolLyons Ecole Centrale and CESI ingeneering school.
  • Various charity events and voluntary activities.
  • Conferences on cultural and societal issues : the future of the tourism profession, FoodTech, sustainable development day, crowdfunding…
  • On-campus contests where you can win many prizes.

At Institut Paul Bocuse, we put a special emphasis on extra-curricular activities to reinforce our values around mutual assistance, which we believe is vital for true personal and team development.

Our campus Students’ Union also offers you plenty of great opportunities to relax and have fun “after work”.

Our school is certified ChooseMyCompany 2022 in the HappyIndex®AtSchool category
This label, based on the votes and certified opinions of our students, rewards student fulfilment according to 5 criteria: quality of facilities, respect for the environment, academic teaching, student life, relations with companies and confidence in the future.
Happy At School 2022For more information: INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE – HappyIndex®AtSchool