The 4th-year students experienced their induction week

120 students have experienced their first week in 4th-year of specialisation in Bachelor in International Hospitality Management and International Food Service Management. They have started their specialisation programme after an induction week based on the theme of conviviality, sharing and team spirit on the campus of Ecully-Lyon.

The 4rt-year of specialisation of our Bachelor programme in International Hospitality Management and International Food Service Management allows our students to develop an expertise in the needs and strategic concerns of the Hospitality industry. It allow to our students to adapt and personnalize their academic training and stand out on the employment market. 

Mandatory in the Bachelor programme recognised by the French Academy in International Hospitality Management and International Food Service Management, the 4th-year is also open to the students with a 3-year post-baccalaureate diploma or an international equivalent. An intensive refresher course, the “fast track” is available for the students with no experience in Hospitality and Food Service to help them to understand the culture and fundamentals of our industry. 

21 students from other schools have joined our programmes to be educated in one of 6 specialisations we offer. 

Our specialisations programmes are :

A new student in the Institut Paul Bocuse shared with us « I have chosen the specialisation in Luxury Hospitality Management because I was not convinced by the specialisation proposed in my school and I heard only positive critics about the quality of the lessons and trainings of the specialisation at the Institut Paul Bocuse »

an induction week on the theme of creativity, expression and emotionnal intelligence

Before starting their last year of Bachelor’s degree, the students have experienced 4 days to meet again after several months in internship and create bons with the new comers. Four days renamed “O’TOP” for Objective Talent Originality and Performance in which the Feel Good Campus team has teamed up with partners to propose artistic and creative activities to challenge our students. 

The students have been divided in 4 groups and been supervised by a coach with whom they worked for two days before performing in front of the Direction and members of the pedagogical team. 

4 activities during which our students have been astonishing of professionalism and impressively creative. 

Eloquence CONTEST SUPERVISED BY Franck Adrien

The morning has started with a lot of emotions and deep thinking during the Eloquence Contest. Numerous groups of students have expressed themselves of the subject they have chosen. Subjects with deep meaning in correlation with the aspirations of their generations. Here are two examples : 

  • “We are not born a woman we become one” strong and meaningful quote from Simone de Beauvoir that led to a reflexion on feminity, women and their place in the society
  • “Can we really say everything we want ?” an open discussion on subjects like the liberty of expression and medical confidentiality.

Through their performance on stage, the students have shown their quality of eloquence, presence on stage, writing skills, research and the capacity to move their audience.








VidEo AND Audiovisual media supervised by Yannick de Labrèche

Two other groups have worked on a video and audiovisual media project. They came up with a web serie for the two first episodes. Inspired by the tone and the format of a famous webserie “Bref”, the students have highlighted with derision two key moments of their scolarship at the Institut Paul Bocuse : 

  • Episode 1 : A classic day at the Institut Paul Bocuse
  • Episode 2 : The first day in internship

From writing the scenario, to acting and filming, the students have managed from scratch the conception (except the video editing), this mini webserie. 

Find out exclusively, one of the episode created : 


Theatre supervised by Jean Louis Rapini

4 teams have creating small theatre representations linked to their field of activity : full permission on the storytelling, costumes and scenery. 

This is with a great talent that theatre representations have come up : from the difficulty of restaurants to run facing the sanitary crisis, out-of-the-box wedding demands in a restaurant, first day as an intern.  

Music, Slam, Rap supervised by ASN

Supervised by ASN, rapper and slam artist, a group of students has worked collectively on writing and interpreting a SLAM. 

The students have delivered a high-quality slam full of emotions. From the student life to the excellence and the level of demand of the Institut Paul Bocuse, this is a text from the bottom of their heart that the students have sung. 

The students in 4th-year of specialisation have been able to create in two days high-quality performances. They expressed in the best way the emotional intelligence when have in them. An emotional intelligence we are helping them to reveal during their scolarship.


a new specialisation dedicated to RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT and entrepreneurs 

Based on the trends and changes of the food service industry and on the new management practises, the 
Restaurant Business Management & Entrepreneurship specialisation is made for the students that want to be actors of the food service industry of tomorrow.

A programme that is dedicated to the ones that wish to launch their own business and the ones that wish to manage several catering points. They will be able to choose between two specialist modules:

  • Commercial catering and F&B management
  • Entrepreneurship and restaurant business takeover

You are interested in the programmes of the 4th-year of specialisation and you would like to share your projects with us ? Let’s meet on our next Open Day !